Joe Gibbs Has Officially Lost His Mind

gibbsto.jpgIt’s been a rough week. I get it. But are your mother f–king kidding me?:

Lindell made a 51-yard attempt that didn’t count because the Redskins called timeout just as the ball was snapped. Coach Joe Gibbs then tried the same tactic again, but consecutive timeouts aren’t allowed when attempting to freeze the kicker. The resulting 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty gave the veteran Lindell a much easier kick. His game-winner extended his streak to 17 consecutive made field goals.

Joe Gibbs didn’t know that you can’t call back-to-back timeouts. So, instead of attempting a 51 yarder, Lindell knocked in a chip shot to beat the Skins with four seconds left in a game they were winning from the opening possession. Not to mention that they absolutely had to have this one for their lingering playoff hopes, and more importantly, for Sean Taylor. What a complete joke this team is. Excuse me while I go drive my car into a god damn bridge embankment.

8 thoughts on “Joe Gibbs Has Officially Lost His Mind”

  1. Just when I think it can’t get any worse, Gibbs goes and double-timeouts a timeout.

    Of course, the defense allowed 50 yards to a bottom-rung offense with no timeouts and less than a minute on the clock. And the offense continues to NOT score touchdowns in first-and-goal situations.

    Fun season, though.

  2. WTF was he thinking????? I think it’s time his old ass retired! You’d think they could win just one freaking game in the memory of Sean. I am disgusted with them. Joe lost the game. What an ass!

  3. people who like visual bling read websites like yours.

    people who like really good analysis read my shabby little blog.

    see for a list of relevant early columns for Skins 2007 season.

    I threw Coach under the bus a long time ago, before anyone got killed.

    Check it out, dudes.

    I was probably the first person in public (if blogs count) to get most of the season right — before it happened.

    And maybe the only writer to talk about how Coach’s diabetes is affecting his coaching.

    But what do I know?
    I’m still just a girl.

    peace and love from this old hippie.

  4. 289 – obviously can’t say for certain whether lindell would have made kick without penalty but he made it once prior to penalty, so don’t see how it was more likely he would miss the second time. still no justifying joe’s error.

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