Clinton Portis Talking to John Thompson

seantay-and-friends.jpgIn overloading on coverage of Sean Taylor, this is the thing most likely to make me laugh and cry in equal measure. Quite simply, it’s my favorite player talking about one of his best friends.

Clinton Portis’ interview on The John Thompson Show (via Chris’ Sports Blog) aired Tuesday afternoon, one devastating morning after the Boom King’s last breath. It’s a long conversation, and it’s raw. The personal anecdotes about Taylor are the best: complimenting his “beautiful little girl,” bragging about hard hits, being “the home amigo.” Beautiful stuff, but not easy listening.

Also of interest is that, the day of the shooting, Clinton says Taylor took a 30-mile bike ride after watching his teammates lose to Tampa Bay. It wasn’t going to be long before he’d be riding with them once again.

Update: Steinz transcribes much of the interview, and I thank him for it.

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