Sean Taylor, 1983-2007

After reasons for hope last night, we woke up to the worst news in the 75 year history of the Redskins. Sean Taylor passed away around 5 AM this morning.

At this point, I’m not sure there’s much more to say. Or that we can say. It’s a horrible, awful, infuriating tragedy. Maybe we’ll try to make sense of it all later.


(21 design from Bucktown Skins)

Update: La Canfora describes the scene this morning at Redskins Park, where fans are gathering to mourn:

“The flags here were lowered to half-mast this morning, and a group of fans arrived very early, standing by Sean Taylor’s parking spot, marked with his No. 21, and they are now gathered at a field near the security gate here.”

Update II: My alarm went off at 8 AM this morning. The TV was still on ESPN from last night. I rolled over and the very first thing I saw today was the Taylor news. Maybe I should’ve set my alarm for 8:02, seeing as SportsCenter only covered the topic for 60 seconds before moving onto their incredibly boring MNF coverage. Pathetic.

Update III: Even if you’re as white as Jamie and I, you’re still gonna want to read SVP Style’s take on what Taylor’s death means to Black America.

Update IV: Jason Campbell’s words and emotions pretty much echo those of the players and fans (after the jump).

11 thoughts on “Sean Taylor, 1983-2007”

  1. Life-long Broncos fan here… Darrent wasn’t as good as Sean Taylor, or nearly as notable in the press, but it still hurt more than I could have thought it would.

    Do your best to not lash out at those who are spewing ideas and rumors about “why”… it won’t help you.

  2. Apparently I’m distracted at work by this stuff today. I just clicked that link to read about the ESPN coverage, and that’s just crazy. I can’t even believe it.

    Most of my coworkers (very small office) are just avoiding my office today. I’m sitting here doing work, but silently listening to the Redskins radio coverage streaming online.

    Sometimes it’s really nice to work in such a flexible environment.

  3. I am completely torn apart. This is the most devastating day I’ve ever experienced as a sports fan. I have to confess, I watched that Taylor Tribute vid on, and broke down at my desk.

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