Nick Young Dunks Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

I don’t know that we’ll post every time NY throws down, but we will every time there’s photo and/or video evidence of how sweet it is. This “not spectacular, but nice”* one comes courtesy of Ned Dishman, Getty Images.


As for the campaign to get Mr. Young into the dunk contest, those on board now include Bullets Forever, DC Sports Report, Truth About It and Slam.

* Description comes via The Maj, who was courtside as usual.

3 thoughts on “Nick Young Dunks Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”

  1. Yeah, I like it too. Just make sure you give credit where credit’s too. Like when you sell 1,000 “The City Slam: Vote Nick Young 2007 Dunk Contest” shirts.

    I would have jumped all over this myself, but Gilbert going down for three months has basically destroyed my NBA season.

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