UCLA:Final Four::Maryland:One and Done

westbrook-flaming-mohawk.jpgMaryland was careless with the ball and couldn’t make baskets, so the Darren Collison-less Bruins put them away by 12.

Since it was my first time watching both teams and I can only write in bullets, here are notes from the early season — and suitably ugly — game that was …

  • UCLA guard Russell Westbrook is sporting an impressive haircut called the “Flaming Mohawk.” It’s kind of like a tattoo, except without the regret. (Note: LA Times and SI’s Luke Winn covered this previously, and it’s developing nicely.) Update: Half Court Heave has another angle.
  • Dick Vitale loves comparing Greivis Vazquez’ emotion to Gary Williams’ emotion.
  • Kevin Love is kinda fat. Sure, he’s a baller, but not the kind I’d expected after hearing all this “one-and-done” talk. He seems like a more skillful Sean May, meaning he’ll be a great college player but not a very good NBA one. Bonus points for being related to Brian Wilson.
  • Josh Shipp and Alfred Aboya each dunked on Bambale Osby something fierce. Of course, Boom contests everything with ferocity and recorded three blocks tonight. He’s also an offensive foul waiting to happen, but his afro is so nice.
  • Maryland made one three on 11 attempts. Not good.
  • Update: Fan IQ has the clip of James Gist’s monster dunk.

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2 thoughts on “UCLA:Final Four::Maryland:One and Done”

  1. The joy of hindsight eh?

    Russell Westbrook – and you only commented his hair.

    Kevin Love – he’ll be a great college player but not a very good NBA one.

    Damn. I vow never to read anything you write again. LOL

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