Bulletproof, Wiz Get One for the Thumb

andray-blatche-top-chef.jpgIt wasn’t all Andray Blatche in the easy win over Philly, but he scored a personal best 26 (on 12-for-14 shooting) as the Wiz won their fifth straight. And perhaps “one for the thumb” is a bit much as these are early wins against poor teams, but we’re talking about the maligned Wizards here; a franchise that was on the brink at 0-5 just 10 days ago.

Now it’s BREAK UP THE WIZ!!1 time. They’re not only winning, they’re winning big with a point differential of 14.8. They’re like the Patriots of the NBA! Except likable and destined for failure!

But let’s get back to Bulletproof. If the Wiz are going to make some noise in the East, Blatche needs to provide quality minutes in the frontcourt. So far the results are mixed, but he had an incredible game tonight and is forming a nice 4-5 combo with Brendan Haywood in Eddie Jordan’s “big” lineup.

The next few games come against middling competition (Charlotte, Golden State and Memphis), and next week brings a trip to Texas for showdowns with Dallas and San Antonio. And, oh by the way, Gil has sat out the last two as his knee heals and the supporting cast emerges. Things are getting interesting in DC.

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Update: What a night! Blatche also formed a group with O-Pech.

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