Making Fun of JC’s Lips, ARE’s Baldness

jc-stache-rogers.jpgBram Weinstein is a DC radio guy who’s does a good job covering the Redskins. I’m a fan of his work (especially when he had Wizznutzz on-air) and was glad to realize this summer that he has a blog.

The site — aptly named Covering the Redskins — seems drab at first, nothing more than a reporter’s notebook, really, but it drops priceless pearls of wisdom. An excellent example of this was the August story of Casey Rabach’s balls and another is found in yesterday’s post from Redskins Park, which includes the following, priceless exchange:

During Jason Campbell’s media session, he was harassed by one player, either Smoot or Antwaan Randle-El who kept yelling at him while he had a crowd of reporters around him.. Among the jibes, “Look at those lips. I haven’t seen lips that big since I owned a catcher’s mitt.. Steee-rike.” And my personal favorite, “I hope you don’t kiss any girls Jason, you might suffocate them.”
This is standard practice for the weekly media meeting, Campbell is very good natured and even shoots back when it happens saying at one point, “Was that Randle-El? Tell him I got some miracle grow for his forehead.”

That’s the good stuff right there. Follow the links to Bram’s blog, and be sure to read on until finding out who Fred Smoot gives the Tyrone Hill Award to for being the ugliest Redskin.

Bonus: After the jump, one of the best photos ever, courtesy of Bram’s official web site … It’s Dexter Manley signing a dog!


3 thoughts on “Making Fun of JC’s Lips, ARE’s Baldness”

  1. 1. Thank you, Dex, for giving PETA another reason to be on television.

    2. I hope that wasn’t Smoot joning on anybody. His lips look like Rocky Balboa staged a comeback on him as well.

  2. I tried to listening to Bram’s show on the redskins station when i still lived in Virginia Beach.

    It tried to recapture the magic of his 980 show, but it just wasn’t the same.

    And I had to turn off the radio when Baghdad Larry was on.

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