Aubrey Huff Continues to Depress

aubrey-huff-has-wood.jpgThis story sure has been fun to follow. From Roch Around the Clock to Bugs & Cranks to Camden Chat, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, really.

Turns out O’s free agent flop Aubrey Huff was on a Sirius Radio show — Bubba the Love Sponge — last week and said some mildly incendiary things about Charm City and very incendiary things about life on the road. The conversations — transcript one, transcript two — range from masturbation to hangovers to country music, all shockingly true tales of the life of a ballplayer from Ohio.

Anyway, somewhere along the line Huff labeled Baltimore as “horseshit” because its bars close early. Which is funny, because someone heard that and updated Huff’s Wikipedia page (emphasis added):

Aubrey Lewis Huff (born December 20, 1976 in Marion, Ohio) is a Major League Baseball Designated Hitter for the Baltimore Orioles. He is also a giant pile of horse shit.

All told, the stuff he had to say isn’t that bothersome. I wouldn’t want to live in Baltimore either. And, sure, Huff’s personality and attempts at humor come off as being lame, but I don’t listen to Bubba the Love Sponge and no one else has to either.

Plus, he wouldn’t be taking heat for this if he didn’t have such a (predictably) mediocre season. But, like we said about Melvin Mora, declining players and bad contracts, that’s what Baltimore does!

Update: FanHouse, Can’t Stop the Bleeding and Sports Frog have this too. It’s the best thing Aubrey’s ever done! Except for posting a .922 OPS in 2003, of course.

Update No. 2: The Dugout does this story right. 

6 thoughts on “Aubrey Huff Continues to Depress”

  1. Why everybody wanna hate on Charm City?

    Hasn’t this town given you crab cakes, Carmelo Anthony, Stringer Bell and Sisqo? What more do you want from us?

  2. Bmore’s motto is get in on it, who can not love that at all? This Huff stuff is a non story as his interview was half joking with some buddy of his that is a Howard Stern wannabee.

    As an Os fan, I am more pissed about Mora. Good Riddens.

  3. Here are some questions that need to be answered and probably be best answered by non-residents of Baltimore (because Baltimore residents are going to be biased, of course)

    Q. Do you REALLY know what Aubrey was referring to when he made his comments on the “Bubba the Love Sponge” show?

    A. Not Really…his comments are taken out of the context in which it was asked based on “Bubba’s” show. Aubrey’s response about the city and it’s nightlife is right on. I have been to Baltimore a few times on business and the nightlife is the worst of any major city that I’ve been to. I was raised in Minneapolis and Baltimore makes Minneapolis look like Manhattan in terms of night life. However, some media outlets in Baltimore have gotten WAY too sensitive about the issue and are trying to “rally the Baltimore masses” in an effort to run Huff out of town. Guess what, don’t do Aubrey any favors, the O’s suck and aren’t looking very good for at least next seson…partially because of stupid free agent signings (like Huff).

    Q. Do O’s fans really care what Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff have to say about their city?

    A. They shouldn’t. As ballplayers, they both suck now (THE main reason they suck as a team) and should be traded or released. Since there is really NO trade value for either, cut your ties and get rid of them. Let Nick Markakis become the star that he is going to become with guys his own age around him. P.S. The pitching staff is starting to gel nicely…it bodes well for the long term, I think.

    Q. Is Baltimore REALLY D.C’s bitch?

    A. In spite of what I have heard since Huff’s comments about this premise. I hope not. D.C. sucks, too. However, D.C’s nightlife makes Baltimore look like Dodge City, Kansas, but maybe Baltimore’s city leaders will get off their asses and do something about this by taking these comments to heart.

    OK…that’s all I’ll say about this issue. Good Luck Baltimore, I DO ACTUALLY like the city, overall. I’d just like a place to go and drink all night and pick up some hot pussy once in a while (OK, the pussy thing is probably an inter-personal issue and not a knock on “Charm City”, but every little bit helps).

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