Skins Lose: Text Messaging Rates Apply

ballad-of-a-redskin.jpgBecause Chris and I are used to watching Skins games together, we’ve taken to text messaging since his move to Charlotte. It’s as cute as it sounds, and I usually do it while wearing a mesh tanktop and drinking a $7 beer.

So it was during today’s game, which Washington had control of for the first 57 minutes or so. Unfortunately, they play 60 and Philly ruined the Redskins’ golden opportunity to gain on the Wild Card competition, namely New York and Detroit, who both lost.

Follow the jump for the scintillating conversation between Chris (in a bar) and I (on my couch) that goes from cheerful to whiny to kind of scary there at the end …

Chris (12:35 p.m.): Tail gate scene is so superior here to Fedex. and i am once again representing the skins solo. f philly

Chris (12:53 p.m.): Seen me a hot drunk girl in a Cooley jersey.

Jamie (12:55 p.m.): All cooley girls r drunk. rare is the hot one tho.

Chris (12:59 p.m.): Im now sitting at the bar with the one eagles fan. good times to come.

Jamie (1:42 p.m.): Shazzam sucks again (Ed. note: Not sure I can recall an NFL kicker straight-up missing an extra point.)

Chris (1:52 p.m.): We got three skins fans and two eagles now.

Chris (2:03 p.m.): Thrash is a man child. And why go for two there? (Ed. note: With the Skins up 12-7 in the first half, I have no idea.)

Jamie (2:11 p.m.): Why waste that timeout? it saved 8 secs.

Jamie (2:43 p.m.): I love it when we run (Ed. note: What? I do. And so does Choo Choo.)

Jamie (2:48 p.m.): Our coaching flat out sucks

Jamie (3:03 p.m.): Thank god reid is dumb too (Ed. note: More unnecessary going-for-two business.)

Chris (3:05 p.m.): Peterson just blew a knee

Jamie (3:06 p.m.): Oh no pj.

Chris (3:07 p.m.): He is walking. Might be ok

Jamie (3:18 p.m.): That was big. the posse 2.0 has 3 td

Chris (3:19 p.m.): This is so funny. (Ed. note: Not sure what he was talking about, but I assume it had something to do with taunting said Eagles fans.)

Jamie (3:27 p.m.): Auto first down 4 illegal contact is bs (Ed. note: The Redskins secondary committed two of these due to inconsequential contact. Both gave Philly first downs on third-and-very-longs.)

Jamie (3:33 p.m.): Gibbs burns TOs like [redacted] smokes trees

Jamie (3:58 p.m.): Westbrook IS the eagles

Jamie (4:04 p.m.): Keenan caught that (Ed. note: McCardell bobbled a downfield catch on the sideline and was ruled out of bounds, but replays suggested otherwise. The Skins had already burned their challenge on Ladell Betts’ fumble, which came on Betts’ only carry of the game.)

Jamie (4:15 p.m.): We blew it. [redacted] philly

Chris (4:22 p.m.): joe gibbs is a [redacted] sucker mother [redacted] old pile of [redacted] [redacted] him and [redacted] his jesus loving [redacted]

Two other notes that failed to make the text exchange: 1) The hoodie the practice squad guys were wearing is nice. Might need to cop me one of them thangs for Christmas. 2) I don’t think Philly scores either of those two long TDs in the 4th if Sean Taylor is still in the game.

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9 thoughts on “Skins Lose: Text Messaging Rates Apply”

  1. Ohhh great! I love this game!

    Jamie (4:15 p.m.): We blew it. [In sports and in life, we’re far less superior than] philly

    Chris (4:22 p.m.): joe gibbs is a [HOF coach, but that] sucker mother [named Brian Westbrook ran through the ‘Skins “D” like an] old pile of [leaves] [But instead of pouting about our coach, I shall praise] him and [have faith that] his jesus loving [ways will eventually lead the ‘Skins to a Wild Card berth and ousting in the first round].

    Was I close?

  2. Well the good news is that the President of the DTC knocked some Eagle fan the fuck out in the walkway to the 400’s. What made it even better was the victims 5-1 girlfriend getting “Supermaned” by the President when she decided to bum rush him.

    Not a good day for this Eagle fan, who got knocked out infront of his mother and his girlfriend.

    The game meant nothing after that.

    Eagle fans-0

  3. I know Gibbs is a HOF coach and deserves respect because he has earned it. After watching his skins coached teams during his latest tenure, I have no idea what he really does on the sideline every game.

    Specials teams are average, clock management is deplorable, no clue to execute a 2 minute drill and his teams blow more leads than your average Hollywood starlet. Bad analogy but you get the point.

    It seems most of the skins problems are coaching related. This team has 8-8 written all over it.

    I did enjoy the Skins pulling a “Madden” and allowing Westbrook to score at the end so they could get the ball back. Of course the announcers were too stupid to realize.

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