Holy Crap, Zubaz Is Making a Comeback

zubaz-stallion.jpgA flash-in-the-pan clothing fad from the early ’90s is back from Goodwill purgatory. No, not Hypercolor … it’s Zubaz!

Actually, Zubaz never faded, at least in the Meadowlands, Philly, Buffalo, Kansas City, Green Bay and Oakland. Admittedly, even I, dedicated follower of fashion that I am, sorely miss my Redskins Super Bowl XXVI Zubaz cap and badly want the Will Clark Zubaz hat currently on eBay.

But if you still doubt the “outstanding pants” (Zubaz’ words), visit the the official site gallery to see an entire HS team rocking the stripes. The catch being that the photo was taken in ’07, not ’91.

(Thanks to Best Week Ever for the link and Weltanschau*ng for the pic.)

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap, Zubaz Is Making a Comeback”

  1. I was sitting in a grad school class last week where the somewhat insane professor unveiled his plans to make a head-to-toe jumpsuit out of Zubaz material. I had no idea how fashion forward this was.

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