Help Wanted: One Blog Show Intern

blog-show-interns.jpgEver since Pradamaster of Bullets Forever fame left us at summer’s end, the Blog Show three have been scrambling to put together eight good minutes of [regional cable] TV magic every Tuesday [late afternoon].

So enough’s enough, we need a fresh fish new intern roaming the halls of Comcast SportsNet in sunny Bethesda, MD, where amazing happens. And by AMAZING, we mean:

  • Where GETTING ADDICTED TO RSS happens.
  • Where MAKING IRON-ON T-SHIRTS happens.
  • Where WRITING BAD ONE-LINERS happens.
  • Where KISSING UP TO TALENT happens.

You get the drift. And this is no farce, this is a real deal, non-paying college internship! And we’re pretty desperate! So apply now by sending resumes cover letters email to me right away, and I’ll huddle up with Steinz and Littles to discuss. Really, the only qualifications are three-fold:

  1. Know sports.
  2. Have a sense of humor.
  3. Be an undergraduate college student.

Oh, and you probably need to live in the DC area too. And it wouldn’t hurt if you were female, or at least an effeminate male, as it’s been said that we could use a feminine touch. Be that feminine touch with the Blog Show internship program, building a brighter tomorrow … today!

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