John Patterson Sees Campbell’s Miss DC Girlfriend, Raises Him a Miss DC Fiancee

john-patterson-fiancee.jpgA few days ago we asked if JC’s lady friend is not only Miss DC 2007 but also the NFL’s finest QB wife/GF. Turns out that, well, she is.

It also turns out that he’s not the only professional athlete in this area dating a Miss DC. As spotted by The Washington Post’s Reliable Source:

Nats pitcher John Patterson greeting fiancee Shannon Schambeau on Sunday at the end of the Marine Corps Marathon … he in a T-shirt and shorts, she in one of those post-race blankets. The ballplayer and former Miss DC will tie the knot in Florida in two weeks.

It’s good to hear that, while Patterson’s career may have gone to hell the past two years, all’s not lost as he’s made an honest woman out of this pretty young thing. Here’s to hoping they have a helluva honeymoon and an even healthier ’08. The man’s been through enough, and I’m sure returning to top form would go a long way towards a happy marriage.

PS: While dealing in Miss DC ’05 (Patterson’s girl) and ’07 (JC’s girl), a search for Miss DC ’06 must be conducted. You know, just to see if she’s dating Andray Blatche or something. Results reveal that her name is Kate Michael, and, strangely enough, she has a blog and co-hosts a sports TV show. Relationship status? Unknown.

5 thoughts on “John Patterson Sees Campbell’s Miss DC Girlfriend, Raises Him a Miss DC Fiancee”

  1. I thought one of these was from a different competition. You know, there’s Miss America and Miss USA, or something like that, and each has statewide competitions.

    But I know Kate Michael well. Don’t forget, she was at Alex Ovechkin’s 21st birthday party last year, and she entered the Sports Bog March Madness pool.

  2. Wait, Miss America is different than Miss USA? This must be where having a background in real reporting gives Steinz a leg up.

    Also, if Kate Michael was such a true blogger she would’ve stepped forward by now to clear this up.

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