Hey, Belichick, F— You for Running It Up

New England went for it on fourth down not once but twice during the second half of today’s 45-point game. That’s all I really have to say about that.


Update: Redskins LB Randall Godfrey has words for Belichick, primarily for throwing deep with a five-touchdown lead.

Update No. 2: With regard to blog reactions, The Big Picture says the Pats crossed the line, Deuce of Davenport warns that karma is a bitch, and Hogs Haven is glad New England didn’t show mercy.

14 thoughts on “Hey, Belichick, F— You for Running It Up”

  1. I still can’t believe they took a knee in field goal range, up 52-7 with less than 30 seconds left. They totally could’ve taken a few shots to the endzone and/or kicked a field goal.

  2. Welcome to the reason Dungy’s Dungy was erected. I got money on Brady and Welker having a man on man suckfest in the locker room shortly after their win. Who’s with me…..

  3. I don’t understand what Redskins’ fans expect the guy to do. The defense couldn’t stop anyone all day. The fans are mad because the Patriots went for it at the end of the game, yet if they would have kicked the field goal they still would’ve put points on the board.

    do you expect the Patriots to just give the ball back to the Redskins once they get in scoring position? “Oh yeah, here you go Coach Gibbs. We’ve been running the ball and passing the ball all over the field today, but you know what? We’ll give it to you right here, and risk one of our defenders getting hurt now that we don’t have control of the ball”. I don’t like how they kept Brady in either, but you can’t expect a team to just give you the ball.

  4. boney, I’m more mad at/embarrassed by the Redskins, but the Pats didn’t need to a) go for it on fourth downs b) keep throwing deep and c) leave starters in so late in such a lopsided game. They’re great, but they lack class. Maybe the latter helps the former, but it doesn’t make it alright.

  5. I just can’t see how anyone can defend the Patriots here. Someone should label Belicheck a “malcontent” and try to steer him out of the league because of his disrespect for the game he is “privileged” to coach.

    Please direct me to an all-Pats-all-the-time blog so I can find out if they’re 100% delirious or if it’s just overconfident New England mentality. Or drugs. Let’s not rule out drugs here.

  6. “I just can’t see how anyone can defend the Patriots here.”

    I really don’t think anyone can, or has. I mean they’re averaging 440 yards per game, tops in the NFL, and have scored over 100 more points than any other team in the league.

    Oh, I see what you’re saying.

  7. “Does this mean that the Mayor of FedEx has beef with the Governor of Gillette?

    Correction. It’s the “Constable of Foxboro” and yes, im going to fuck him up.

    The game is over. Time to beat the shit out of the Jets.

    We will get our revenge, well, that is only if the Patriots make the Super Bowl.

  8. Awwww…. so sorry Skins fans. Did you get beat up in the schoolyard, by the big, bad, bully???Wah, wah, wah. Get over it.
    If I were a Skinz fan, I would be more worried about my team quitting in the 2nd qtr. Which is exactly what happened.
    Good luck beating NYG & DAL with that offense.

  9. Hey fuck you Patriot fan, thats why we beat up Patriot fans in 2003.

    They dont know when to shut the fuck up.

    Go eat some chowder cock sucker.

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