PSA For the IDBs* That Are Sox Nation

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in this space previously how much I hate the Nation of Red Sock. The real Sox fans are unbearable Massholes, and the bandwagon fans — which most of their fan base is comprised of — should probably kill themselves now. I’m not sure at what point it became cool to wear a cap with a ‘B’ on it, but I assure you that it is not, in anyway, cool. It makes you look f’ing stupid and your friends have no respect for you.

Shit, now I’m getting angry. Please, just watch Jimmy Kimmel’s PSA for Sox Nation. It made me feel slightly better:

*IDB of course stands for Insufferable Douchebags, a term normally reserved for Philly fans, but definitely applies to Sox fans this time of year.

3 thoughts on “PSA For the IDBs* That Are Sox Nation”

  1. I walked through Georgetown (I know, but that’s where my friend’s firm is and they provide free booze and beer every Friday) at 5:00 yesterday and must have seen 50 Red Sox hats. Georgetown Massholes? That’s gotta be the perfect storm of douchetardiness.

  2. At least Red and Blue are better colors than Black and Orange, God you Orioles fans are such idiots. So sad for you guys, oooh, boo effing hoo, get a better team and win some games, say let’s try cracking .500 next season? Suffer for it, I know I had to for 35 years from idiots like you up and down the East Coast.

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