The Dead Tree Crew Gives Exclusive, All Access Look at Their Notorious Tailgate

dtccone.jpgAbout once every other year or so the malt and hops clear from my brain only momentarily to reveal a fantastic plan. Last week, just such an occurrence, um, occurred.

I decided to ask The Mayor of FedEx Field to provide Mr. Irrelevant with one-of-a-kind video footage of the Dead Tree Crew (DTC) tailgate during the Sunday of the Redskins-Cardinals game. Being the thoughtful public servant that he is, The Mayor asked me to come join them myself, but I had prior obligations. Finally, he agreed to take the footage, but with one stipulation: He wanted to talk shit about The Junkies. Who am I to stop him — The f’ing Mayor — from doing what he wants? No one, would be the answer. Just a common citizen trying to do my part.

So, the camera rolled. And rolled. And rolled some more. There was a total of 67 minutes of footage, beginning with them leaving for the stadium before sunrise, and concluding with them leaving for home near sunset. Needless to say, it was quite an undertaking to edit it down to the seven-plus minute video you’re about to watch, but I believe it was well worth it. And don’t worry, I kept the clips very short so your adult ADD won’t kick in. Also, watch out for special guest appearances from Agent Steinz, Plaxico Burress’ father, and a motorized cooler, which can be seen throughout. Enjoy:

For those new to the DTC, some background info: Agent Steinz Infiltrates the DTC Tailgate and Meet My New Online Friends, the DTC.

4 thoughts on “The Dead Tree Crew Gives Exclusive, All Access Look at Their Notorious Tailgate”

  1. For those that couldnt understand “P from DC”, I broke down his lyrics in text.

    They call me P,
    Redskins just won
    Cardinals just lost

    See I can’t rap off this junk

    I fucked up, but I came back with the beat

    Everytime you see me, its fucking PGC

    Im an animal on the mic and everybody knows this

    My man got eleven on his shirt and you know this

    Redskins in effect, you bout to hit the deck

    Everytime you me its ret-a-tet tet

    Got dreds in my hair, Im dressed in all black, got the white sleeves on, im ready to get it on, cross on my arm, with my kids on it

    Im fucked up, but everybody know this, im in the parking lot, drinkin likka wif my nikkas who got the arm now how you fucking figure

    Redskins running thru that last game

    Ran get dat money, dollar dollar bill yall

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