DC Sports Media Beef, So Hot Right Now

cat-fight.jpgEven casting our spat with the Junkies aside, this is a chippy month for the DC sports media ecosystem. There have been at least five feuds of varying degrees of intensity and importance, and that’s with the Redskins winning. So let’s go to the tale of the tape, in chronological order:

The Washington Post’s Les Carpenter vs. NBC4’s Dan Hellie

DC Sports Bog reported it as a blind item in which a “print journalist and … TV talking head nearly came to blows in the Redskins locker room” after the Lions game. Fishbowl DC then revealed the combatants, thus disappointing Bog readers who were hoping for Lindsay Czarniak and Kelli Johnson.

The Post’s Dan Steinberg vs. The Post’s Jason La Canfora

Ooh la la, it’s not often you see two guys under the same masthead bickering so publicly. First came Steinz’ swipe at La Ca (“dying media”), then came La Ca’s takedown of Steinz (“pathetically off base”), followed by Bog Man Dan taking the high road and, finally, JLC failing to let go. Blogs couldn’t get enough of the in-fighting (see: The Big Lead, see also: FanHouse and Scott Van Pelt Style) that was all started because of Brandon Lloyd.

Brandon Lloyd vs. Redskins Beat Writers

Speaking of B. Lloyd, he’s now on the Junkies every Monday morning, which makes for good radio and even better media beef. Case in point, his commentary on Redskins beat writers, namely the accusation that guys like La Canfora are afraid or unable to pose the tough questions to Redskins brass. In my experience, that’s asinine and “The Receiver” comes out of the exchange looking like a horse’s ass.

Redskins Radio’s Larry Michael vs. Mr. X

This one’s fresh and mostly unclear as Fishbowl DC has a tip suggesting that Michael got into it with another media member, perhaps a beat writer, while interviewing a Redskin after their victory over Arizona on Sunday. If that’s the case, I bet he learned it from watching Sam Huff.

Etan Thomas vs. The Post’s Ivan Carter vs. Dave Zirin

In an interview conducted shortly after undergoing open heart surgery, Thomas took shots at the Post and Washington Times for what he considers to be shoddy reporting. Wizards beat writer Carter retaliated by saying the baller/poet doesn’t have his facts straight. Carter also took issue with DC-area author and columnist Zirin, who conducted the interview, for not checking Etan’s remarks prior to publishing. It’s hard delineating who’s right and who’s wrong as Etan seems to have it twisted, but, as True Hoop points out, it’s probably too soon to rip “the heart surgery patient.”

PS: Why is this stuff happening now, or has it always been this way? My money’s on the latter, but in modern times everyone’s a celebrity and moves made out of the ordinary are thus made notable, often by blogs like mine. But is it interesting? I tend to think so, but I’m a part of the ecosystem. So you tell me.

29 thoughts on “DC Sports Media Beef, So Hot Right Now”

  1. It’s sure is hell up in DC.

    I was planning a “What’s Beef: DC Blog Edition” DVD, but when I considered the following:

    1) I’m not beefing with anybody
    2) I respect some of the bloggers involved in the beefs
    3) It probably wouldn’t make Blog Show anyway

    I decided to postpone that project.

  2. is ScottVanPeltStyle the new Unsilent? ever ever since Unsilent smackdown from prison warden for being on blogs too much instead of tapping out license plates and ashtrays and creating jailhouse meth out of baking soda and Clairton-D he’s never first with comments, whcih was his mise-en-scene and rasison-de-etre and je-ne-said-qua for many years before the FLOODS and LOCUSTS!!!!! How about Unsilent vs. ScottVanPeltStyle blog media beef added to list, even if they aren’t beefing? WizzNutzz say create beef out of thin air!!! And create bacon out of salt+fat!!!

  3. Hey everybody!

    What percentage of these beefs are more a product of Dan Steinberg’s imagination than real life, might be a good question.

    Also, if I get in a fight with my wife, a trained media professional, can we please be added here.

  4. I’d love to feud with Unsilent, but his coordination of shoes matching his throwbacks has me pretty intimidated…..I’m going with Prada.

    You hear me Mike? I’m calling you out.

    (P.S.- Chris, I was throwing pebbles outside your window last night, but no avail. You can’t deny your feelings any longer!)

  5. I saw DJ Gallo on ESPN News the other day. The volume was down so I’m not entirely sure about this, but I imagine that he was calling Chris a drunken bitch.

  6. I’d rather be a drunken bitch than what we all know his wife is (hint: She’s from Pittsburgh).

    P.S. Maj, you don’t have a whole lot of room to talk… remember, I was at our last blogger gathering also. Actually, nevermind. You don’t remember.

  7. I would have, but i saw that you were busy making moves on Buffalo Billiards ho-bag.

    Chris: So, did I tell you I’m a sports blogger?
    Ho-Bag: /swoon

  8. “I totally got her number”

    Come clean, we all know she gave you a fake number. My guess is the nearest OTB.

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