Romo Loves Him Some (Sophia) Bush

sophiabush.jpgWhen we learned last week that Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood were so totally dunzo because Tony loves football too much, I assumed it was a nice way of Carrie confirming that Romo prefers the company of men. Of course, I was wrong. It seems that Romo is now seeing someone named Sophia Bush:

At Terence Newman’s house in Dallas, Romo played the new Xbox 360 game “Guitar Hero III” with actress Carmen Electra, who was playing the game online in Los Angeles. Romo was joined by what appears to be a new … uh … friend, actress Sophia Bush.

I had not previously heard of this Sophia Bush, so naturally I turned to Google image search. And as expected, I’m now totally obsessed with her and completely jealous (again) of Romo. Why can’t Drew Bledsoe still be the Cowboys QB? There was absolutely no redeeming qualities about that guy, other than the fact that he sucked. Which was good for us.

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