N.E. Is Going Down! (Not Likely Though)

skinspats-2.jpgAs the week drags on, it seems to be the new coolest thing to pick the Skins to win compete in New England this Sunday. The talking heads on ESPN and the typing heads on the internet seem to think Washington’s secondary can at least contain Tom Brady, Randy Moss and that Fast White Dude.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Skins secondary is pretty awesome. They haven’t allowed 300 yards passing in a game yet, Sean Taylor leads the league in picks (and dropped picks), and they held the pass-heavy Packers and Lions to 188 and 106 passing yards, respectively. Plus, Washington has a six game win streak against New England, with the last victory coming in ’03 when Spurrier was still using has-been Gator QBs. The Skins won five games that year. The Pats won the Super Bowl.

Regardless of all that, I still don’t give the Redskins much of a chance in New England. However, fullback Mike Sellers (you know, the guy who runs over safeties for a living), is filled with about 280 pounds of confidence (as said on SportsTalk 980 in D.C. yesterday):

“They’re a very beatable team. … I mean, our defense can hang with anybody. They’re playing phenomenal, don’t get me wrong, but it’s more of like now everybody’s making it seem like they can’t be beat. … Just because they’re the New England Patriots, doesn’t mean they can’t be beat.

I’m not sure if Mike made this clear, but what he’s trying to say is that the Redskins can beat the Patriots. On the other hand, Coach Gibbs — at least publicly — doesn’t seem to give Washington a chance, as he (once again) calls the Skins “the biggest underdogs in the history of sport.” The line is actually 16.5:

One thought on “N.E. Is Going Down! (Not Likely Though)”

  1. If they beat anything it most likely will just be the spread, but i got my fingers crossed. Heres to hoping Mr. Sean Taylor has started saving up plenty of phlegm for the face and hair of Tom Brady.

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