Jags Fan and Thunderlabia Man Speaks!

On Monday night, Chris was watching the Jags-Colts game when ESPN showed a Jacksonville fan’s obscene gesture. Because Chris is nothing if not a master remote controller and fine sports blogger, the video was quickly captured and posted in this space. By Tuesday morning, we had a web sensation on our hands as the video was picked up by over a dozen blogs and has now been viewed 120,000 times and counting.

So it was a happy day indeed when said Jags fan a.k.a. “thunderlabia” man (KSK’s term, not mine), left a comment on Mr. Irrelevant and responded to our email follow-up. Turns out his name is Dino, and he’s pictured below. He’s the one with face paint and a Natty Light. Not specific enough? He’s the one wearing a kilt. Kind of looks like the Irishman from Braveheart. And his version of the “foamilingus” incident lands after the jump.


Yeah, it was right after halftime I had just grabbed a couple of waters, yeah I was fairly sober believe it or not, and got back to my seat. We were in the front row behind the Colts bench about the 35 yrd line, so we kept seeing the camera guys go back and forth all night. They had laid out the little foam thingys every couple of seats in the club section, and they were new so they were still kinda stuck together. I didn’t even think twice when the guy started filming, it just happened, and the rest is history!

The best part was after the camera man stopped filming and took the camera down, he looked at me and he was livid! He scoured at me, and I told him to move on and get over it. No lie, I had 20 or so text messages in the next minute, from all my Friends from Washington, to Texas, to south Florida saying they had just seen me eating a giant foam vagina! I was like, “OH shit here we go!”

I usually get pretty crazy for the jags games, but I was there with my Dad, brother, and my brothers friend. So, I was planning on taking it pretty easy. I only had about 6 beers before the game, but that was a couple hours before this even happened. It was just a crazy atmosphere, MNF, and I guess I just couldn’t contain myself!

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