Blog Show No. 26: ‘Keeping It Creole’

After seven months and 25 shows, Blog Show finally found a loving sponsor — THANK YOU, SENATE INSURANCE! — and the money went straight to our heads. It was all we could talk about, really, as we sported tees with their slogan, pushed the envelope — FULL OF CASH! — to see what we could get away with and even admitted to prostituting ourselves. But if it’s good enough for the American Idol kids, it’s good enough for Steinz and I, no?

T-Shirts (enter coupon code “thankyou” and get $5 off!): Kiss My Bumper and Just Kiss It

YouTube of the Week: South Africans Make Ocho Cinco Look Like a Wimp [100% Injury Rate]

Sites Featured: ‘Nick Saban Is a Douche’ [Big Ten Tailgate], Sooner Nation’s Message for LSU Fans [Wizard of Odds], Les Miles Has Balls for Brains [EDSBS], Kansas’ Coach Mangino Feasts on Cupcakes [Deadspin], A Chance to Destroy Fox’s NFL Robot [100% Injury Rate], Willis Is Trash [Willis Is Trash], Devin Hester Supermans That Ho [Miami Sports Blog], Loves Coming Down [Free Darko], What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger [Ryan Garko], The AL Trophy Is Alcoholic [LOL Jocks], ‘Mile High Desire’ [Joe Sports Fan]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘Walking, Talking, Blogging Billboards,’ ”Douche’ We Can Say on Air,’ ‘The Man Has Balls for Brains,’ ‘That’s Like a Pun or Something,’ ‘You Have Niagara Falls in Buffalo,’ ‘Listening, but Also Dancing,’ ‘That Really Got Your Fake Laugh Going’ and ‘I Like Bald People’

Site(s) Featuring Blog Show No. 26: Ballhype, The Dude Abides, The Half Court Heave, LOL Jocks, DC Sports Bog, Joe Sports Fan

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7 thoughts on “Blog Show No. 26: ‘Keeping It Creole’”

  1. Did you really break out a Bach Party New Orleans slogan for Blog Show 26??? Keeping it Creole up in NJ, fo’ real!

  2. soulrebel, thanks for calling me out on regurgitating that one-liner. It was just too good to keep in shadows forever.

    SVPsteezy, I think Easterns realized that bloggers give them too much free advertising to actually pay for it.

  3. As much as I enjoy the random font/phrase combos on t-shirts, perhaps some of that new cash should be used to keep 289 on retainer, no?

    I mean, you know that’s a better option than increasing Steinz’ CheeseBudget.

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