Skins Win: Rackers Lets Us Off the Hook

Seeing as ESPN, NBC et al only seem interested in showing highlights of the Patriots, you likely missed the moving pictures from the Skins-Cards game.

Neil Rackers missed the would-be game winning field goal from 55 yards after Arizona recovered an onside kick. This is noteworthy for several reasons: 1) As Jamie pointed out, 4-2 feels infinitely better than 3-3, 2) Had we lost to the Cardinals at home, I would’ve cut myself, 3) It was sweet redemption for earlier in the game when Rackers inexplicably attacked Carlos Rogers after a botched extra point. An extra point that ultimately proved to be the difference in the game.

Anyway, here is proof that the inches we need are everywhere around us. Most notably, about one foot to the left of the upright:

I’m no kicker, but I have a feeling it would help if Rackers focused more on making field goals in practice, instead of hitting the uprights.

P.S. Please do NOT “bring on the 7-0 Patriots.”

Update: After the jump is (bad) video of the Rackers vs. Rogers fight.

Observe Ken Whisenhunt yelling “no class” repeatedly. I can only assume it was directed at his idiot kicker who apparently isn’t used to being touched on the football field. Good replay of the incident comes at the 2:30 mark:

2 thoughts on “Skins Win: Rackers Lets Us Off the Hook”

  1. That little joke about Rackers’ fantasy football commercial? Wide right….

    I’m just kidding. Straight down the middle.

  2. I will be with you all in spirit during the Skins v. Pats game in NE. If there is a secondary that can take it to the Pats its those straight up gangsta thugs in DC. What a great 2 weeks this could be to see them lose back to back games v. Wash and then Indy on Nov. 4th.

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