Will Meat Hook Land Torii For the Nats?

Thank god Washington has Dmitri Young … and plenty of African-Americans in the city. These seem to be the two main reasons that soon-to-be free agent Torii Hunter is interested in coming to Washington:

“Dmitri Young makes it very interesting. I’ve always wanted to play with Dmitri. … I always talk to my wife about being interested in playing in front of the African-American fans and trying to get the African Americans back to playing the game … Trust me — D.C. is very interesting to me.”

You hear that, honkies? Get the hell out of the city. If he comes to visit, I don’t wanna see one vanilla face within a 20 mile radius of the stadium.

But realistically, the Nats probably can’t afford him. Although signing Torii would be huge for the team. They desperately need a consistent, every day centerfielder. Last year, Nook Logan and Ryan Langerhans split time there. They combined for an impressively horrible .218 BA, .617 OPS, six homeruns, and 44 RBI. Yep, I’d say Torii would be a minor upgrade.

11 thoughts on “Will Meat Hook Land Torii For the Nats?”

  1. As someone who’s been in the stands for about 40 Nats games over the last two seasons, I’m pretty sure Torii is going to be disappointed in the level of “diversity.” I’ve seen more African-Americans at Burning Tree.

  2. Diaperdrinker should have his own blog.

    Chris and Jamie, you officially have some haters. Welcome to the big league boys.

    Come by F-51 this Sunday, I got some hate blockers I can give you.

  3. An outfield of Tori Hunter, Willy Mo and Austin Kearns…looks like an all star game in the seventh inning…from four years ago.

    Seriously though, I love the pick up, might as well go for it. It gives us a name folks might recognize.

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