The Playoffs Are About to Get a Lot Less Obnoxious: Let’s Dance!

With the Indians slaughtering the Red Sox last night, we are just one win from getting the World Series match-up we wanted. This is great news to baseball fans like us who realize that Boston may wear different uniforms than the Yankees, but really, they’re exactly the same. They buy whoever they want because they can, and their fans are annoying as shit because they can’t help it.

So let’s celebrate with Cleveland’s Lord of the Dance, because if recent history has taught us anything, it’s that the Red Sox absolutley cannot come back from a 3-1 deficit in the ALCS:

But hey, at least Boston had those back-to-back-to-back jacks last night. Apparently, Manny thought his homer counted for five runs.

6 thoughts on “The Playoffs Are About to Get a Lot Less Obnoxious: Let’s Dance!”

  1. right, comparing the Red Sox to the Yankees is not only dumb but not even close to being true. Would you put the Knicks and the Lakers in the same discussion? The Knicks have a huge payroll and don’t win and the Lakers have a similarly large payroll and make the playoffs. Not terribly wise sports guru lad.

  2. Plasticman: The Knicks lose, the Lakers win. Whereas in my comparison, both the Sox and Yanks win and do it by building their teams in similar ways, and most importantly, have similarly obnoxious fan bases.

    So, to answer your question: No, I would not put the Knicks and Lakers in the same discussion.

  3. tsk tsk mothra

    no, the Red Sox actually have a good farm system not built on mortgaged veterans from 10 years ago as the Yankees have done. The Yankees have actually used the Red Sox model for farming talent (see Pappelbon, Youklis, Bucholtz, Ellsbury, etc etc etc).

    As for the obnoxious fans, well, lad if you’re on the outside looking in, I can understand such sentiments. However, comparing Yankees fans with Red Sox fans, that’s a no no. Red Sox fans know the game, they had/have to, we had nothing else before to cling to before 2004. Being a former native and seeing the growth of the fan base is confusing. The Yankees always had a huge fan base (still do the effers), whereas not even 8 years ago at the “yard”, I could count on one hand how many Sox fans there were in the stands including myself.
    Comparing a Red Sox fan with a Yankees fan is a bit like comparing a Hokie fan with a Virginia fan, it just isn’t done.

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