‘I Knew He Was Queer!’

aikman-2.jpgRedskins much maligned receiver Brandon Lloyd was on The Junkies (which happens to be our least favorite sports radio program ever) here in D.C. this morning, and may have crossed the line. The first half of the interview is mostly about the game yesterday, and the team’s inability to catch the football. Then, seemingly bitter about Aikman calling him out on air, B-Lloyd suggests that Troy might be gay:

B-Lloyd: If youre listening to a guy like Troy Aikman, and you’re a fan and you don’t really know much about football, then I’d see why you’re confused. … Theres no such thing as an easy catch in football. Theres no such thing. … I don’t believe Tory Aikman anyway. He wasn’t man enough to admit his personal life situation as a player.

Junkies: Do you know that that’s true?

B-Lloyd: I’m speculating, just like he speculates.

Junkies: I knew he was queer!

B-Lloyd: You guys are crazy.

Hear the full interview and judge for yourself. The Aikman stuff starts about five-minutes in, so scroll along to the mid-way point. Unless you like listening to The Junkies. In which case, you probably already hate gay people.

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17 thoughts on “‘I Knew He Was Queer!’”

  1. He must not read playbooks very well. TO’s playbook specifically says to challenge your OWN former quarterback’s sexuality, not a retired hall of famers. Of course this could explain B-Lloyd’s ineptitude on the football field, can’t play if you don’t know the plays.

  2. Chrissy Mottram, you suck! The Junkies have the best radio morning show. I bet you are a fan of that laughing hyena, Elliot.

  3. Well, I’m a knowledgeable sports fan, so I can’t listen to the Junkies. And I’m not white trash, so I don’t listen to Elliot.

    I’m usually stuck with flipping between SportsTalk 980 and Redskins Radio.


    “if I get cised I’ll hook it, and if it’s not hurting it’s going to be a show”

    I know Mexicans leaning up against the dumpster at the Woodbridge 7-11 that speak better English.

    I wish there was a button on my laptop that displayed me pointing both thumbs down and making a loud farting sound.

  5. If you had half of the charisma that the Junkies have, you might not be writing a blog in an irrelevant corner of the web. Have some courage, and call in tomorrow. 866-44JUNKS. Make sure you thank them for receiving more hits on your website than you ever have before.

  6. “if I get cised I’ll hook it, and if it’s not hurting it’s going to be a show”

    That pretty much sums up any segment of the Junkies I’ve ever tried to suffer through. Although, I’d add at least three racist and/or homophobic slurs. Well done, Mayor.

  7. i will settle this one, hagerstown steve: chris is right, the junkies suck. getting back to the point, can we do some research as to where i can get a swacket like the one cowboy troy is wearing?

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