Sights, Sounds From Midnight Madness

Apparently, this Soulja Boy stuff is fairly popular amongst the college kids. And the Brothers Mottram. I don’t know why, but we love that shit. So because it’s Sunday and my brain is revolting against me, I’m going to post video of said college kids crankin’ dat at Midness Madness two nights ago.

First up, peep Patrick Ewing, Jr. teaching Jerry Rice how to supersoak a ho. He’s a good dancer:

And second, here are the Terps gettin’ down to a wide variety of bad songs. Watch out for the white boy:

2 thoughts on “Sights, Sounds From Midnight Madness”

  1. I smoke pot and play Madden, therefore I don’t have much freetime to learn the latest “dance”. Im still perfecting “walk it out”, it’s not as easy it sounds.

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