Watch Us Crank Dat on Detroit

We have a mild obsession with “Crank Dat” by Soulja Boy around these parts, so a Redskins remix of arguably the most influential track of the decade is right in our wheelhouse. Thanks to First and 10 Inches for digging up this straight fire, son.

Apparently, to do the Redskin Boy all you have to do is just jump up, like back in the day at RFK. If you’ve ever been to FedEx, then you know that standing of any fashion is completely discouraged. Seriously, the other “fans” yell at you to sit down when the opposition has a 3rd and 3. Maybe this will inspire them to change their ways. Although most likely it will just make my favorite team look totally ridiculous.

Update: My roommate informs me that he actually goes by “Soulja Boy Tellem.” My deepest apologies.

Update II: MacG done linked up to this amazing video in the comments section. Drunk white girls are hilarious.

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