Personal PR: I’m Going to Sporting News

image001.gifJamie had his big career move announcement a couple weeks ago, and now I’ll make mine to considerably less fanfare.

After living the glamorous life of sitting on my ass and blogging for a month, I had the opportunity to fly down to the new home of in Charlotte, NC. The city was incredible, the people were awesome, and the job opportunity was nothing short of total righteousness. So, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: a pair of David Carr’s game-used white mittens and the opportunity to gently brush Adam Morrison’s mustache.

I’ll be more or less in charge of all things blogging, and they have already brought in some of the interwebs best to get things started. And no, I will not be building another FanHouse, nor will I be in direct competition with Jamie. He’s going to Yahoo! Sports. Only the four-letter word can compete with them right now, and even they’re struggling to do so.

Anyway, I shall be relocating to Charlotte in about two weeks to start working on making as totally awesome as is humanly possible. Give a holler if you or any cool people you know happen to live in Charlotte. Stalkerish-types are welcome encouraged.

19 thoughts on “Personal PR: I’m Going to Sporting News”

  1. Thanks, man. And no, Backwoods Beef probably won’t be blogging anytime soon.

    We’ll probably be posting on this site less than we currently do once we’re both working in a few weeks. We shall see, I guess.

    It looks like I’ll be blogging some for SN as well, so you can always find my invaluable insights there.

  2. “Underachieving” no more! This is way cooler than my first job out of college, which was waiting tables at a beach bar. Actually, it’s not cooler, but definitely better. Bravo, brother.

  3. It’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse. You’d think I would have learned the first time. Fool me once… shame on me. Fool me twice… don’t get fooled again.

    Start packing rookie! We have a lot of work to do.

  4. Congrats on the new gig. It’s cool to see bloggers getting “real” jobs and turning the big sports conglomerates inside out. It’s a little disturbing, though, that two of the great jobs have gone to two guys in one family!

  5. Chris —

    Congrats on the new gig and best of luck! You and Jamie are now officially the Manning brothers of the blogosphere, minus the awkward faces and endorsement deals.

  6. Congrats gentlemen. The right move is ALWAYS to get out of the grasp of the digital plantation. Don’t let Schrager turn you to the dark side of toys while you’re there.

  7. Congrats, Chris. Charlotte’s a fun town, particularly if you enjoy hanging out with lots of people who are bitter that their city isn’t Atlanta.

    Why don’t you hook a brother up with press passes for the Nov 25 Cats-Saints game. I’ll do a write up, blog style.

  8. I’m glad Charlotte isn’t Atlanta. Been there, didn’t like it. Although the Coke factory was epic.

    Yeah, I can’t do press passes, but come on down and we’ll tailgate (which is the fun part) and hit up some a bar. You can blog that.

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