Skins Lose: Gameday Sights and Sounds

Until the kickoff of the third quarter, yesterday was an absolutely great day. Three of the party people from the Eagles game and myself arrived at FedEx around 12:30 for the 4:15 game. We didn’t have a parking pass, so we paid $20 to park about a half-mile from the stadium. We had a cooler of beer, a bag of brats and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Things we shaping up nicely. After the jump are some photos and a video of happier times before the Skins decided that winning wasn’t in their best interest. And yes, that’s me sporting our tailgate neighbor’s Redskins Hulk beer glove thing. Nothing redneck about that at all.

As I said, we were in a different area code than the stadium. If you look closely you might be able to see FedEx Field in the distance:

Big No. 21 in the above photo is the proud owner of this F-250, which had 22s and this license plate:

I’m no English major, but shouldn’t it be “Giants Suck”?:

About halfway between our original tailgate and the stadium we met up with my buddy’s relatives. They had a considerably better set-up than us, which included this motorcycle, gas-powered blender (note: chick in video put on the awful music. It was her car, so I guess that’s allowed):

Their tailgate also featured a poker tournament:

And an Elisha right next door:

On the way in, one half of Area 51 gets patted down while the other half wears jorts:

Finally, we reach our 400-level seats. From here the Skins throwbacks make them look like LSU, but they play considerably worse:

After handing about $150 over to Dan Snyder to put myself through complete torture, this will probably be my last outing to FedEx … until they go on another two-game winning streak and I once again believe they will never lose. Such is the life of a Skins fan.

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  1. Fed Ex is the Comiskey Park of the NFL. It never should have been built in MD. I went one time and it was such a miserable experience from door to seat that I vowed to never return, especially without a parking pass. Great Pictures. That Blender Kicks Ass.

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