Personal PR: I’m Going to Yahoo! Sports

In an announcement that’s sure to make the crowd go mild, I’m leaving AOL and, more importantly, FanHouse to be the “Senior Editor of Blogs & Community” at Yahoo! Sports. If you’re not familiar with what a Senior Editor of Blogs & Community is, well, don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m probably the first one ever, so rest assured that it’s a pretty big deal.


But don’t just take my word for it. Listen to all these internet-types:

That’s a lot of Mottram, and a lot of folks failing to include a certain exclamation point, namely that Russian German blog at the end there. Anyway, what’s a press release without a money quote? So let’s do this blog style, via blockquote:

We poured body & soul into FanHouse, and I love what’s come of it. I’m forever proud of the work done by the talented bloggers under that roof, and my belief is that they’ll continue skyward under the guidance of John Ness, who rocks the party.

As for Yahoo! Sports, it’s the perfect shop to set up a world-class sports blogging and community experience for a massive audience. I’m flattered that they want me to quarterback such an operation, and it’s go time.

Whew, that was a mouthful. Sorry, I don’t have much experience with this. If I’m missing anything, let’s carry on in the comments.

27 thoughts on “Personal PR: I’m Going to Yahoo! Sports”

  1. The real REAL reason is Jamie couldn’t stand folks not capitalizing Fan(H)ouse and/or calling it AOL Sports Fanhouse Blog. It’s okay… serenity now.

    PS: dude, thanks again for the pickup. e-hugs.

  2. My understanding of the Yahoo! campus is that calisthenics start bright and early each day at 10:30am. Followed by 11am ping pong pow-wows with the drumming of “Yahooooo. hooo!” piped through the P.A. every 30 minutes and mobile intravenous red bull lines — connected Matrix style — trailing your every move.

    In other words, right on!

  3. @ TheHype, you KNOW the capitalization problems drove me out! Now the exclamation point is my cross to bear. C’est la vie.

    @ everyone else, thank you for the kind words. It means a lot.

  4. congratulations, bramigo! it’s about time you left aol. that place licks my balls pretty hard. i just can’t believe it took you this long to realize that. shit, it only took me a couple months before i moved on. although i was only an intern. and i may have been fired.

  5. Good luck at the new position. It will be hard to beat the shiftable tile polls at Fan House. In general things look pretty lean at Yahoo! sports in terms of blogs and interactive features so it will be good to start at the beginning.

    I’m blogging about hockey at

    If you need any hockey bloggers, let me know.


  6. Jamie — I was at a party in Manhattan last night and randomly met John Ness, who gave me the news — congrats, man! You put a lot of hard work into the FanHouse and the Web at large, and I’m glad to see it paying off in the form of a new job at a healthier company.

    You deserve this, man. Get in touch!

  7. GTB and misschatter, we should absolutely get DC Sports Blogger Happy Hour V on the calendar. Maybe Thursday, 10/4? There’s a good college game that night, Kentucky at South Cackalacka.

  8. congrats Jamie (and Chris I think). a well deserved step up (for Jamie).

    i wish you the best of luck at yahoo and your next venture in the world of blogdom.

  9. Congrats, Jamie. Been reading your stuff and following you career for a long time. Definitely a smart move as I expect Yahoo! to continue to gain ground on the WWL. Keep up the good work!

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