Skins Win: The Schedule Is on Our Side

gary-clark-si-cover.jpgWith Washington’s schedule, it’s about to get real manic here in DC. Sure, 2-0 is no big deal, but it looks like the Redskins will be favorites in 11 of their remaining 14 games.

I’m not predicting 13-3, because a) I’m not insane and b) there are some small spreads in there; especially home dates with Chicago and Dallas. I am, however, looking at the next month of games and thinking that Washington heads into New England at the end of October at 5-1 or maybe even undefeated.

Just look at the next four games: home against the Giants, home against Detroit, at Green Bay and home against Arizona. They’ll be heavy favorites in three of those, with the Packers game being anyone’s guess, really.

The near-term bottom line: They’re headed for 4-0, where they haven’t been since the Bandwagon ride of ’91. To which Gary Clark says, “Get ready for your SI cover, Santana Man.”

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