Skins Win: CP Eats Celebratory Hot Dog

It’s gonna be all Skins all day today, so sit back and enjoy. Or don’t. I don’t really care because last night’s win was so huge for us we must celebrate. It was no different than going into Dallas two years ago in Week 2 (although slightly less dramatic), and winning a divisional game to improve to 2-0. We won 10 games that year. This year, as I predicted before the season, we will win 12.

This bounce back season will be due in large part to our three key guys on offense: Santana, CP, and JC. Here they are on Comcast SportsNet’s postgame live last night. They just some country boyz; country walk, country talk:

Update: Re-live the glory via NFL Network’s highlights from last night.

2 thoughts on “Skins Win: CP Eats Celebratory Hot Dog”

  1. I already left this on the Bog and on you’re voicemail, but …

    Santana said something to Kelli Johnson during an on-field, post-game interview about Jason Campbell not showing all he’s got. I think it was, “We haven’t even oiled his tune-up.”

    Of course, Johnson one-upped Moss by saying, “You balled.”

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