West Va.’s Dingle-Berry Hangs Together

We already shared pictures from Thursday night’s game, but this one’s a doozy. Via email from West Virginia’s finest, The Mighty Mighty MJD, it’s two Mountaineers defensive ends hanging on the sideline, catching a blow.


For the record, that’s senior Johnny Dingle and freshman Scooter Berry. Separately, they’re rather innocuous components of one of America’s top-five teams. Together, they form the world’s largest dingleberry, weighing in at a whopping 535 pounds.

Update: Deadspin picks this up, and a commenter reveals that Marshall sees WVU’s Dingle-Berry with a Coke-Head.

Update No. 2: I failed to originally mention a classic. Ladies and lads, have a chuckle at Arkansas’ Moore-Goode-Dick.

10 thoughts on “West Va.’s Dingle-Berry Hangs Together”

  1. First saw this a few years ago. While sorting through old email I saw the link, remembered the great laugh and clicked on it. Glad to see it’s still online. The ‘dingleberry’ link to the urban dictionary is ridiculously hilarious!

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