Djokovic, Pova Will Make Beautiful Eastern European Tennis Babies

povanovak.jpgThankfully, The Big Lead reads the New York Post so that we all don’t have to, and today he discovered a real gem. It seems that Novak Djokovic, the great impressionist and all around fantastic tennis player, may be dating some girl named Maria Sharapova. Maybe you’ve heard of her:

The two showed up together that night at Wakiya in the Gramercy Park Hotel. They mostly missed the opening-night party for the chic Chinese eatery … But Djokovic and Sharapova then went to the lounge above Downtown Cipriani, where they sang karaoke duets until 5 a.m.

This was after the Pova watched all of the U.S. Open final between Djokovic and Federer from Novak’s courtside box. The Eastern Block is so hot right now.

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