Chad Johnson Throws Down His First Celebration of the Season

Ocho Cinco has been promising all summer that he will be breaking out some serious TD celebrations this season, or as he puts it, he’ll be getting his “sexy back.” Tonight, he scored his first TD of the year on a deep bomb from Carson Palmer in the first quarter. After scoring, he ran to the sideline with his boy TJ Houshmazode, grabbed a black trash bag from under the bench, and pulled out this jacket, which TJ then draped upon Chad’s formidable shoulders:


I guess I like the idea, but the build-up was a bit much. Obviously, he didn’t wanna do it in the endzone, which would’ve resulted in a 15 yarder. It’s just Week 1, and Chad claims to have a celebration scripted all ready for each game, so hopefully they’ll only get better.

Update: Tony K is such an annoying asshole. That is all.

Update II: AA had to totally show me up and post video of the celebration. Whatever, my post was up first. I win.

14 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Throws Down His First Celebration of the Season”

  1. First, it’s a digital camera, dick. Second, I have a pink razor. Third, I’m happy just to have a TV and a laptop, let alone actually having the two connected to each other like someone I know.

    Besides, my shenanigans are cheeky and fun.

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