Meet My New Online Friends, The DTC

dtc-bulletproof.jpgYou may recall that I asked for readers to add me on Facebook, MySpace, etc. a while back. Since then, it’s like being a pretty girl on the first day of school, with friend requests assaulting the inbox (not really). So why not introduce my new amigos? First up, The Dead Tree Crew.

Yes, that DTC. The Redskins tailgating posse that Deadspin brought to light with the words, “White people are so, so scary.” The dudes who heckled me at last season’s opener for wearing a homemade Sean Taylor jersey. The all-around American badasses living and breathing the motto: “GO HARD OR GO THE F-CK HOME!”

Well, we’re boys now, at least on MySpace, but I’ll need to go shopping (you know, for kevlar and hot fitteds) before we actually meetup for real, as evidenced by the tasty pic above and those that follow the jump.




And for good measure, here’s the artistically menacing backside of that DTC bulletproof at the top of this post (note the gloves):


6 thoughts on “Meet My New Online Friends, The DTC”

  1. 1. Thanks for accepting the DTC on your super active MySpace account. So the DTC doesnt get overooked by your other 81 friends, you have been moved up to numero uno. That’s right, your the number one friend on the DTC page.

    2. I enjoy your blog, and it’s good to read a blog written by a Redskin fan.

    3. 289, no typo, not Major, it’s the motherfucking Mayor.

    4. Next time at Fed Ex, stop by and hang out. Food and drink on me. Maybe you can boost your ratings with an exclusive interview of The Mayor. Then we can talk about how much you can pay me to do your weekly fitted hat update.

    5. We have been doing this since 2001. Nobody does it like us. DTC runs Fed Ex Field.

    6. Check the MySpace site, NEW DTC TRACK just uploaded.


  2. Hi,

    Did you know that DTC stands for “Dans Ton Cul” in french which means “In Your Ass”.



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