Serena Calls Henin a ‘Bitch’ at U.S. Open

I’m probably biased because I had the “honor” of interviewing Serena once, but she is definitely the least likable American athlete. I’d say worse than Shockey and Jeter combined with a touch of Greg Paulus thrown in. And during her loss last night to top-ranked Justine Henin she showed her incredible class. Read Serena’s lips after this point before Henin serves:

During the post-match press conference (see some of it here), Serena proved that she was the only bitch on the court last night. When asked about Henin’s great play, Serena replied, “I just think she made a lot of lucky shots.” How did Venus end up so somewhat normal, yet Serena is such a cold-hearted ice queen?

12 thoughts on “Serena Calls Henin a ‘Bitch’ at U.S. Open”

  1. I hate to defend Serena after her press conference performance, but she could of just been muttering obscenities to herself. I know I do when we play tennis, because it’s the only sports besides beer pong that you routinely beat me at.

  2. Under normal circumstances I’d probably agree with you, but after the blatant disrespect she showed during the press conference, I wouldn’t put it past her to call Henin a “bitch” on court.

  3. Possibly, but the way that she was staring down Henin as she said it probably means it wasn’t just muttering. If she was looking at the ground or the sky or the babyback ribs vendor I’d agree with you.

  4. She plays tennis for a living. You might as well put up videos of famous plumbers fixing toilets. Whoever the one at the end of the video is could call the other one a fat smelly whore with a dildo stuck up her twat and it wouldn’t be news; these people aren’t famous.

  5. By the way, I’m insulting tennis, not the post. I agree that Serena Williams is a bitch for being such a sore loser; as TK pointed out on PTI, how many times does the one have to beat the other before the other acknowledges that she isn’t as good? Isn’t she like 0-3 against Henin at plumbing?

  6. I’d tend to agree with Jamie about the on-court utterance. People say a lot of things out of frustration that they wouldn’t normally say, and it’s rarely directed at the other player. But as for the press conference, I totally agree. She’s a jerk.

    I’ve been saying that sinc she’d beat people 0 and 0 and then talk about what a crappy match she played. It’s nice to see her on the other side once in a while.

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