Blog Show No. 21: ‘That Guy Might Have Been My Uncle’

Welcome to primetime! Or Tuesday late afternoons at/around 5:30 p.m.! Whatever! It’s head-to-head with PTI and it’s > infomercial status!

Of note while you watch: Blog Show 2.0‘s newly condensed running time (seven-ish minutes) and Agent Bog’s one-of-a-kind tee. Enjoy.

Blog Show No. 21 details after the jump …

T-Shirts: Agent Bog and Mr. Irrelevant (custom made by Need 4 Sheed)

YouTube of the Week: Ashley! Follow the Voices! [Food Court Lunch]

Sites Featured: Hot Hot Hot! Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 [EDSBS], Video of the App. State Upset Inside the Big House [Fan IQ], App. State Beats Michigan at the Big House!! [Blue Ridge Blog], Kittens R Nice [M Go Blog], Oh, the Humanity! [The M Zone], Get Rid of Carr! [Get Rid of Carr!], Colt Brennan Has Outstanding Hair [Mr. Irrelevant], Bills Fan: ‘Dallas Is Goin’ Down’ [SI’s Hot Clicks], Cheering for the Diamondbacks Is Fun [With Leather], The Tale of Two Cardinals Fan Tattoos [Joe Sports Fan] and REALLY Good Video of That Mets/Phillies Brawl [Bugs & Cranks]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘Kittens R Nice Gets a Little Ding,’ ‘Double Busch’ and ‘Primetime a.k.a. Tuesday Late Afternoons’

Sites Featuring Blog Show No. 21: With Leather, Blue Ridge Blog, Ballhype and DC Sports Bog

Previous episodes: 1: ‘Colossal Failure’ | 2: Sackridin‘ Dirty | 3: ‘Be Sad’ | 4: ‘No Bedding’ | 5: ‘Gluing of Pubes | 6: ‘That’s What She Said’ | 7: ‘Jeffrey Sebelia’ | 8: ‘Your Drunken Goat’ | 9: ‘Phallic Symbology’ | 10: ‘That Gets a Ding’ | Best of: ‘100-to-1 Odds’ | 11: ‘Objectifying Cheese’ | 12: ‘Pig Anus’ | 13: ‘The Balls’ | 14: ‘Hiatus’ | 15: ‘The Dude’ | 16: ‘One-Liner’ | 17: ‘Walnuts’ | 18: ‘Still On’ | 19: ‘Prada’ | 20: ‘Summer’

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4 thoughts on “Blog Show No. 21: ‘That Guy Might Have Been My Uncle’”

  1. Can I seriously buy one of those shirts?

    Since might be a little too long to really grab attention when I’m at the Baltimore Harbor.

  2. I have a tip for embedding YouTubes (took me a while to figure out). Go to “users” -> “your profile” and uncheck the “use visual editor” and update. Then paste the embed code into a post (and you’ll have to use HTML for the rest of it) and publish. Then you can go back and set it back to the visual editor.

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