Sean Taylor + LaRon Landry = ‘Area 51’

area-51-tee.jpgI own ‘Free Sean Taylor’ and have written about ‘LaRon Means The Ron’, so it’s only natural that I’d mention Deuce of Davenport’s new t-shirt celebrating DC’s safety tandem, ‘Area 51’. (Because ST’s jersey is 21 and LL’s is 30, get it?)

The nickname and apparel are necessary because the NFL hasn’t seen a pair like this (ed. note: zero research conducted before making this claim): two guys who were drafted top-six three years apart and are absolute beasts in the defensive backfield. Their success remains to be seen, and I didn’t even watch last night’s preseason finale (the LSU-MSU first half and Blake-Santoro five-setter were just too good). Anything cool happen, aside from no one getting hurt?

Bonus Fashion: Follow the ‘Free Sean Taylor’ link to see DC Sports Fan’s new Landry shirt titled ‘Dirty-Dirty’, his nickname from LSU.

More Bonus Fashion: Bucktown Skins Fan, makers of ‘LaRon Means The Ron’, has all kinds of Skins tees, including fresh ones for Taylor, Chris Cooley and even Rocky McIntosh.

4 thoughts on “Sean Taylor + LaRon Landry = ‘Area 51’”

  1. Fantastic shirt.

    Campbell was operating with such German precision that Bram Weinstein started getting nervous. He was stepping into throws (with a rush in his face) and they were all flawless.

  2. Wonder if they’ll come out with The 4400 shirt for them.

    Roughly symbolizing the amount of yards they will give up on the season when they try to lay the wood on somebody and whiff or miss their reads.

  3. SVPS- that’s not Landry’s game, he plays with his head. plus sean looks incredibly slim and fast, they’ll cover ground as well as they hit. the corners just have to stay healthy.

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