Florida Fan Comes Clean on Jean Shorts

tebow-jorts.jpg“Gators Wear Jean Shorts” allegedly began in ‘97, when a Georgia fan claims to have said it in response to a Florida heckler prior to that year’s Outdoor Cocktail Party. SportsLine’s CBS Sports’ Clay Travis says it has matriculated since then because Dawg fans are unable to deal with their 2-15 record in said Party since Steve Spurrier came along.

Because I’m reading Travis’ Dixieland Delight and had just watched video of a Georgia toddler saying, “Gators wear jean shorts,” this was top of mind when I tweaked Ryan Ferguson (Orange and Blue Hue, FanHouse) via email about snapping jorts photos in Gainesville this season. His response, published with permission:

“Jean shorts… always the damn jean shorts!

I’ll never admit this to anyone but you, but I used to wear them until we became, uh, infamous for them.

What’s so bad about them, anyway? Tough, functional shorts, strong belt loops and big enough pockets to fit wallet, cell phone and camera. You could spill beer on ’em or any other noxious fluid, and you could just run ’em through the washer and wear them again the next week. Now I wear saggy khaki shorts which stain easily and don’t last a whole season.

I miss jorts.

It could be worse. They say LSU fans smell like corn dogs. (It’s true. How is that possible?)

I will deny this if you ever bring it up.

Awesome. Gators fans are so maligned for wearing jean shorts that some of them have stopped wearing them altogether. Happened to the the rest of us back in ’93, and it’s happening to Gator Nation in ’07.

In any case, jorts aren’t even Florida’s only crime against fashion, just their most notable. As seen in Losers With Sock’s photoshopped image above, mandals also appear to be all the rage in The Swamp, and collarless denim shirts are cool too.

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