Blog Show No. 20: ‘The Summer of Blog’

This is the last Blog Show before Labor Day, so we look back at the best of the summer of blog and rehash old material: Brady Quinn, athlete hair, athletes partying, mascot stuff, etc. This approach prompted Steinz to dub No. 20 a concept show, which is a first in sports blogging TV history. Kind of like Sgt. Pepper’s, except trippier and much more of a classic.

Also, a before-the-jump programming note: The Blog Show is moving to Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m. ET, which means Steinz and I are going head to head with Kornheiser and Wilbon on PTI. This is better than Friday nights at 6 when we were going head to head with no one because people don’t watch TV then. Regardless, we’ll continue posting it on the YouTubes.


Blog Show No. 20 details after the jump …

T-Shirts: The Summer of Blog and Littles Is the Balls

The Lost YouTube: Chris Farley Recreates Laettner’s Game-Winner [FanHouse]

Posts Featured: Brady Quinn Is Making Friends [Deadspin], A.J. Hawk’s Wedding Scrapbook [The Big Lead], Bret Michaels, Still a Steelers Fan [Mondesi’s House], Photos of Brady Quinn Partying Never Get Old [The Big Lead], Gooden’s Neckstache vs. Manu’s Bald Spot [FanHouse], Andrew Bogut Has the NBA’s Worst Haircut [Full Court Press], Best NFL Hair [FanHouse], Jeff Reed, the Most Fun Kicker of All-Time [Deadspin], Tomo Romo’s Heart Will Go On [Deadspin], Shane Battier Karaoke [FanHouse], Oregon Duck Partying [The M Zone], Mr. Met Parties [Deadspin], Mr. Met ‘Gets His Bhangra On’ [FanHouse] and Stomper Danceoff [Say Hey]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘This Is What’s Known in the Sports Blogging Television Industry as a Concept Show,’ ‘There’s a Lot of Hyphyness Involved’ and ‘You Look So Pale, Mr. Wilbon’

Sites Featuring Blog Show No. 20: Say Hey, The Basketball Jones, With Leather, Red Sox Monster and Ballhype

Previous episodes of Blog Show: 1: ‘Colossal Failure’ | 2: Sackridin‘ Dirty | 3: ‘Be Sad’ | 4: ‘No Bedding’ | 5: ‘Gluing of Pubes | 6: ‘That’s What She Said’ | 7: ‘Jeffrey Sebelia’ | 8: ‘Your Drunken Goat’ | 9: ‘Phallic Symbology’ | 10: ‘That Gets a Ding’ | Best of: ‘100-to-1 Odds’ | 11: ‘Objectifying Cheese’ | 12: ‘Pig Anus’ | 13: ‘The Balls’ | 14: ‘Hiatus’ | 15: ‘The Dude’ | 16: ‘One-Liner’ | 17: ‘Walnuts’ | 18: ‘Still On’ | 19: ‘Prada’

Programming Note: Blog Show is on the talking picture box Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. as part of Washington Post Live, airing Monday-Friday from 5-6:30 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet in the D.C.-Baltimore region. Subscribe to Blog Show’s YouTube feed and pepper the Blog Show inbox.

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