Blog Show No. 19: ‘Thank You, Prada’

Our apologies for the delayed Blog Show posting. Here’s episode XIX, complete with a high-fashion tribute to intern Mike Prada, who has now fulfilled his obligations — reading blogs, gathering bobbleheads, writing one-liners, etc. — and is headed back to Brandeis.

So we’re looking for a new intern and ways to put our t-shirt “designs” on Cafe Press, but more on that later. For now, enjoy episode 19.


Blog Show No. 19 details after the jump …

T-Shirts: Prada Master and Bullets Forever

Cheese Hot Fitted of the Week: Yankees Hawaiian Flower Hat

YouTube of the Week: Japanese TV Continues to Impress [We Are the Postmen]

Posts Featured: Who Moved Dan Steinberg’s Cheese? [We Rite Goode], NFL Players Are Not Tipping Their Barbers Enough [The Big Picture], Bernard Pollard: Safety/Exotic Dancer [Arrowhead Addict], Kouz and Steinz, Separated at Birth? [Rumors and Rants], Fun With the L’il Bastard Photoshoppin’ Kit [Kissing Suzy Kolber], Shane Battier Karaoke [FanHouse], Drew Gooden’s Ducktail Is Dead [Slam Online], Matt LeCroy’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Audition [FanHouse], Cowboys Fans Know How to Use Teh Interwebs [DoD], FIBA Mascots Many Emotions [The Hype Guy], Best NFL Hair [FanHouse], NBA Rookie Dance Showdown [The Basketball Jones] and Gotta Love a Mascot That Parties [The M Zone]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman,’ ‘Long Live the Ducktail,’ ‘I Love Peyote,’ ‘Great Transition,’ ‘Steinberg … Christmas,’ ‘Out of the Cheese Game’ and ‘I’m Very Excited About That’

Sites Featuring Blog Show No. 19: Ballhype, Bullets Forever and Arrowhead Addict

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