Skins Win First Preseason Game in Years, D-Lineman Suffers Helmet-Less Collision

lorenzo-alexander.jpgHere’s what stands out from Saturday night’s Redskins preseason opener:

  1. LaRon “The Ron” Landry is impressive (exhibit A: his Kerry Collins takedown). Looks like he’ll start right away.
  2. Mark Brunell is torture. Pray for J.C.’s health, which is in danger with blindside protector Chris Samuels on the shelf.
  3. Punter Derrick Frost isn’t much of a punter, but he delivered the hit of the night.

What I don’t recall, or was perhaps passed out asleep for, is practice squad defensive lineman Lorenzo Alexander (pictured) losing his helmet at the line of scrimmage, following the play and getting cracked upside the head by a teammate flying in on the tackle. The must-watch fan video is scary, but the commentary — “His head is not healthy right now.” — lightens the mood.

Two days later and I don’t see anything online resembling an injury report, so I’ll have to go with Chris’s armchair observation: “He was bleeding pretty bad from the cheek area.” That doesn’t sound good. Let’s hope he’s alright and commend him for going all out to earn a spot.

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Update: Steinz emails to say that Lorenzo Alexander is OK.

Update No. 2: Steinz has all sorts of Lorenzo “Scarface” Alexander updates. I love the Bog.

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