Tennis Giant John Isner Arrives, Has Drunk Friends

john-isner.jpgAndy Roddick won DC’s annual Legg Mason Tennis Classic by beating 6’9″ John Isner, whom The Washington Post dubs “the country’s most exciting prospect in memory.” Since I’m a tennis fan yet had never heard of him, here’s some background info:

  • He led Georgia tennis to a national championship in May.
  • Prior to the Legg Mason, his pro record was 0-1.
  • He won five matches in this tournament as a wild card before meeting Roddick in the final.
  • He may have the best serve in men’s tennis.
  • His fans cause a MFing ruckus.

That last point is proven by Eric McErlain’s must-watch video interview with Isner’s fans/buddies, whom represent Georgia quite well (sample quote: “I’m here to drink beer!”). There’s also a Facebook group called ‘Federer, You Ain’t Shit, John Isner Owns You!’ that’s titled in reference to an allegedly drunken quote from the namesake himself.

Of course, I’m the newest member of said group, because if this kid hasn’t yet wrestled the top honors of my tennis adoration from fellow Americans Roddick and James Blake, he’s damn close. The game could use a little juice, and Isner — and his buddies! — might just fuel the fire.

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