Blog Show No. 18: ‘Are We Still On?’

This is standard issue Blog Show until the nine-minute mark, at which time Dan forgets to pick a Cheese of the Week and I utter the longest sentence in TV history. Of course, Littles keeps it rolling all along, so we’re left looking like the quick-witted, silver-tongued broadcasters that we are. Enjoy.


Blog Show No. 18 details after the jump …

T-Shirts: Who Wants to Sex Mutombo? (retread!) and Count That Baby

Dan’s Artisanal Improvisational Cheese of the Week: Parrano

My YouTube of the Week: OJ Gets Pranked During Interview [Winning the Turnover Battle]

Posts Featured: No Such Things as Shark Attacks [Gilbert Arenas], Shark Attack Fallout [Gilbertology] Done and Done, Jason Campbell [Hogs Haven], Would You Trust This Man as Your QB? [The Big Lead], Skins Go ‘Stache [DC Sports Bog], Photos of Brady Quinn Partying Never Get Old [The Big Lead], Golf Just Became Our Greatest Sport [With Leather], Let Zach Randolph’s Fun in NYC Begin [The Big Lead], Party Flyers Everywhere [The Hype Guy], El Guapo BobbleBelly [Home Run Derby], Whose Car Could This Be? [With Leather], How to Not Jump Off the Diving Board [Deuce of Davenport], Your Weekend Sendoff [100% Injury Rate], Put This on TV and I’ll Watch It [Flyers Fieldhouse] and 2007 Ballhype Sports Bloggers Study [Ballhype]

Other Quotes Considered for the Headline Here: ‘Blog Real or Fake: BRoF,’ ‘Nerds Like Us,’ ‘Bob Saget Is Tremendous,’ ‘Steinway Park,’ ‘Fascinated by Facial Hair’ and ‘I Didn’t Think of a Cheese!’

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