Mr. Irrelevant Has Lots of Online Friends

Brooks-Gossip-LAMany thanks to those who’ve taken note of the revamped Mr. Irrelevant. Here are but a few of the rave reviews:

So, yeah, two thumbs way up. And, in case you’re wondering, the handsome fellow in that photo is Brooks himself, alongside the lovely Miss Gossip. The two are not an item, but they were at the LA sports bloggers happy hour.

Reminder: DC sports bloggers happy hour IV this Friday!

Update: The hits just keep on coming:

22 thoughts on “Mr. Irrelevant Has Lots of Online Friends”

  1. What, no “pretty cool new site design” love? I will go on record as saying that the “Mottram brothers are Eiffel Towering the collective blogosphere”, for whatever that’s worth.

  2. I needed to get my quote in:

    The Mottram Brothers have joined forces? The world hasn’t seen a tag team this powerful since Typhoon and Earthquake formed The Natural Disasters.

  3. Word up. I would love to come to the happy hour, but I’m about 1500 miles away, so that prolly won’t happen. Cheers on the new blog!

  4. It’s true, I sometimes dream about Enrico… but… photoshopping really gets me hot… so I don’t know. If we can get 289 and Enrico to battle rap or something, then I’ll crown Mr. Gossip 2007. Jamie, get on that.

  5. Miss Gossip: I’d just like to point out that I’m as much as three times more handsome in person, and my freestylin’ skills are almost on par with my dance-off moves, which is to say that they’re rather impressive. I’m undefeated on both fronts.

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