Mr. I: Now With Twice as Much Mottram

Jamie sets 'em up, Chris knocks 'em out

Welcome to the new (and hopefully improved) Mr. Irrelevant. For the past three-plus years, my brother and I have kept separate blogs. I wrote a little site called Saved by the Blog, which I modestly admit was kind of a big deal, and Jamie wrote Mr. Irrelevant. As you can see, we’ve decided to stick with the title of the latter because my brother is sensitive and tears can damage keyboards.

Why the merge you’re surely not asking yourself right about now? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s because I got sick and tired of Jamie begging me to join forces with him. Or maybe it was the other way around. Meaningless details, man.

Anyway, with J-Dog and C-Dog’s powers combined, we will surely present to you a singular site that is just like our old, separate sites, except now you don’t have to go to two different places! And plus we have a kick ass new header (see above), and this righteous wordpress theme (“RockinChrome”… just like Jamie’s late-90’s model Nissan). So please, enjoy, and come back often.

Extreme gratitude goes to Matt from 289 Design for the superb header creation, and Pete Holiday for his mad computer skillz. We were lost in a sea of HTML without you.

8 thoughts on “Mr. I: Now With Twice as Much Mottram”

  1. Skeets, you will always be an honorary Mottram. Although I’m not sure my mom can deal with a fourth son, so you may have to dress up and act like a girl. I hope you understand.

  2. Oh damn. At first I thought there were *another* set of Mottram bros invading the lands like the Baldwins and Wayans before them… phew… glad that was a false alarm…

  3. We all look feminine when mentioned in the same post as Pete Holiday. I didn’t know you could write HTML like a stud until I met Pete.

    The black background doesn’t make my eyes bleed even a little bit, which makes this blog unique within the black-background blogosphere. Well played.

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